What if you could be sure that every relevant decision maker is aware of your offer?

How much would that be worth to your business? When working with us, you invest $1,000/month. We send 3,000+ personalized emails directly to the primary inboxes of decision-makers in your target market. We optimize everything using a data-driven approach to make sure they get opened, read, and acted upon. All positive replies are forwarded to you.

☑️ Dedicated US account strategist
☑️ Data-driven, personalized messaging from top copywriters
☑️ Best-in-class data and sending infrastructure
☑️ 100% transparency. No setup or hidden fees.
☑️ Fair pricing at just $1,000 per month (6-month minimum commitment)

Trusted by 112+ teams ranging from YC startups, Inc. 5000 companies, to award-winning agencies:

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I’m Jakob, CEO here at Sales.co.

Cold email gets a bad rap, but it shouldn’t.

While other channels and platforms come and go, algorithms change, and ad costs keep climbing up, cold email remains a constant. It’s a direct line to your prospects, a way to cut through the noise and reach them where they are.

But somewhere along the way, cold email lost its way. It became synonymous with spam, with shady tactics, and with a lack of respect for the recipient.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Cold email is a powerful tool when used correctly. It’s a way to start conversations, to build relationships, and to drive revenue reliably and predictably.

That's why at Sales.co we concentrate solely on cold email. No distractions. We don’t waste time or resources on the latest hyped-up platforms or hacks. We focus on what really matters:

  • deliverability,
  • compelling personalized copywriting,
  • best-in-class data.

That's it.

What we bring to the table is scale, consistency, and expertise. We always run dozens of experiments across the 60+ companies we work with, always learning, always growing, and always ready to apply those insights to your campaigns.

In an industry full of charlatans promising the moon and leaving you with dust, we provide tangible, measurable results.

At the end of the day, our goal is simple: to deliver a positive ROI for you.

We work relentlessly, day in and day out, to make your cold email campaigns not just run, but succeed.

If that vision of cold email resonates with you, we would be thrilled to partner with you.

Jakob Greenfeld

Co-Founder & CEO

Benjamin Laken

Creative Technologist - infogr8

Wow great results - these leads are starting to come in at a good pace.

Gerry Galloway

Founder - Foodready

The quality of leads lately are all in our Product Market Fit sweet spot. I am very lucky to have you guys helping FoodReady if this momentum keeps up consistently. This is what I was always needing.

Stefan von Imhof

CEO - Alts.co

IO signed. Terrific lead! What’s amazing about this sale is it didn’t even require a meeting. She just saw what she wanted from the media kit, asked very few questions, then BAM. Sold!

Matthew Parkhurst

Co-Founder - Antimetal

A++++ lead. You guys crushed it

Dustin Tysick

VP of Revenue - Testimonial Hero

Looks like they got a $425m post-IPO debt round. Great lead!

Itamar Argaman

Head of Sales - Chargeflow

This is a tremendous lead - Well done! 🚀

Vahan Melkonyan

CEO - Cauldron

...impressive getting 4 leads in 12 hours 🙂

Jeffery Goddard

CEO - TVA Media

Damn good lead! Thank you!

Andreas Munk Holm

Co-founding partner - EU.VC

3 sales came in yesterday 🔥

Andrei Tiburca

Co-founder - Videodeck

One of the leads that you brought with the first outreach campaign that bought a $11k package gave us a shoutout on LinkedIn where he has a big following so it's a lead that keep on giving.

Katelyn Bourgoin

Founder - Why We Buy

Just closed our first sponsor sent via your team!

Harry Wilde

Founder - Cotiss

These have really kept improving over these last few months - thanks for the hard work!

Amir Bazrafshan

Founder - ApricotBox

I feel like I'm buying a commodity with other providers but I'm getting some serious expertise here.

Tessa Thomas

Founder - Pipeline Solutions

You have been awesome iterating on the copy of our emails and really making sure we're getting the results that we're looking for.

Sam Shepler

CEO - Testimonial Hero

Sales.co is executing the most current cold email playbook out there today - we have not got a bad lead from them!

Hi, nice to meet you!

Jakob and Ryan here, the founders of Sales.co. Ryan worked as a sales rep for many years at various US companies before founding his own software startup. Jakob worked as a researcher in theoretical particle physics before founding several data companies while also working as an independent tech consultant for startups.

Then in September 2022 we decided to join forces and combine our expertise in sales and data despite never having met in person. We knew each other from Twitter of all places, and had been talking and reading each others blogs for many months. In January 2023 we finally met in person for the first time in Barcelona where we took the picture above.

For the first few months we did everything ourselves. We hustled to get our first few clients, making every mistake in the book. We said yes to almost every company that wanted to work with us and tried to accommodate every single custom request.

It was intense. We worked far too many hours, often on things that did not move the needle for our clients.

But we learned a lot. Through trial and error we learned what types of companies we do our best work for and what truly matters in cold email.

Now we say no to most companies that want to work with us and ruthlessly focus on what truly drives results for our clients.

Along the way, we also built an amazing 10-person team based in Europe, the US, and Asia.

If you're running a B2B company with an established sales process and are looking to scale your outbound sales, we'd love to chat!

Jakob Greenfeld & Ryan Doyle