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Learn how CYTENA teamed up with to level up how they create, test, and iterate on lead generation — ultimately saving time for their in-house team and multiplying leads in the pipeline.

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We generate demand using cold email

"We have been getting high quality leads right on with our ICP."

Yafees Sarwar

Director of Marketing - Cytena


Based in Freiburg, Germany, CYTENA aims to provide the finest life science technologies to researchers and lab technicians around the world.

Quick Jump

The Challenge

Cytena, a leading biotechnology company, needed a scalable lead generation engine that could target high-value customers consistently. Before, Cytena had an internal team managing sales and lead generation. They were doing cold outreach and had SDR motions in place. However, as the company grew, their process needed to be more efficient and target-specific.

Their primary concern was finding an agency that understood their highly specialized industry and could reach their target market - pharmaceutical companies, life sciences startups, academia, and contract researchers. They needed an agency that could handle end-to-end lead generation without the need for them to integrate into their internal tech stacks. That's when they decided to give a shot.

"Our initial concern was if they would really understand our industry. But the way they took the time to understand our products and target customers was remarkable."

The Solution provides efficient lead generation and rapid go-to-market campaigns understood the need for a thoughtful campaign building for Cytena's specialized market. They took the time to understand Cytena's products and target customers, creating personalized campaigns that resonated with their audience.

Furthermore, provided transparency into the work done and the campaigns' progress. The agency managed everything from domain acquisition to warming up inboxes, making the process completely hands-off for Cytena.

"Working with is easy. They understand our product and our target customers. It's easy to ramp up campaigns with them, and the go-to-market is super fast."

The Results

Since partnering with, Cytena has seen a substantial increase in the quality of their leads, all aligning perfectly with their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). The lead generation process has become smoother and more efficient, requiring less time and effort from Cytena's team.

As Cytena continues to grow and expand its reach in the biotechnology market, the company can rely on to provide efficient lead generation and rapid go-to-market campaigns.

We generate demand using cold email