How replaced their sales team with

Learn how leveraged's unique blend of AI technology and rapid problem-solving to secure over half of their closed deals and build a reliable sales pipeline, mitigating platform risks.

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We generate demand using cold email

" emerged not just as a solution, but as a game-changer. Now, more than half of our deals are originated. They've become an irreplaceable part of our success story."

Stefan von Imhof


Overview is a platform for alternative investments designed to help individuals increase their wealth beyond the scope of standard investment options. It offers thorough research and robust quantitative analysis, along with a variety of investment strategies such as quick trades, long-term holdings, and assets that generate regular income.

Quick Jump

The Challenge needed a dependable, results-driven solution for securing sponsorships and booking ad slots.'s initial sales strategy heavily relied on LinkedIn outreach. While LinkedIn provided a vast network of potential leads, it also presented unique challenges. Cutting through the noise to reach the right people and convert connections into meaningful engagements became increasingly difficult for's sales team. Moreover, Stefan von Imhof, Founder and CEO at, had concerns about the platform risk associated with relying heavily on LinkedIn. The unit economics of LinkedIn outreach were not yielding the desired returns and the risk of changes in LinkedIn's algorithms or policies posed a threat to their sales pipeline.

They needed a consistent source of high-quality leads that would not only drive their revenue growth but also mitigate the risk of platform dependency. This is where stepped in.

"We were running around trying to secure sponsorships, but it was tough. The unit economics weren’t working out as we needed them to."

The Solution

Entering into a partnership with, understood the necessity for bespoke, efficient cold email campaigns that aligned with's unique position in the market. adopted an iterative approach to their strategies, ensuring that every step taken was data-backed and growth-oriented. The team was quick to adapt when things started slowing down, swiftly pivoting strategies to maintain momentum and results.

" is one of the most fascinating use cases for a practical use of AI I've seen and worked with. It's been remarkable. Their ability to quickly identify and fix issues was impressive. Whenever we hit a road bump, they were quick to respond and find a solution. This not only saved us time but also ensured that our sales process kept moving smoothly."

The Results's solution has had a significant impact on's success. More than half of their closed deals now originate from leads generated by

Not only did they replace their previous sales team with and were able to cut costs, but they also saw a significant increase in their pipeline and opportunities created.

For the first time in their history, was able to reach profitability thanks to the leads generated by

"More than half of our closed deals are originated."

We generate demand using cold email