How Testimonial Hero generated $85k in pipeline opportunities in 2 months

Learn how Testimonial Hero fills their pipeline with qualified leads using's strategic approach to cold email.

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We generate demand using cold email

" is executing the most current playbook for a cold email that's out there today. All of their leads are square on with our ideal client profile. In less than the first two months with them, we've generated over $85,000 of pipeline opportunities and closed one deal in our first month. Fastest time to value of any cold email agency you've ever worked with."

Sam Shepler

CEO - Testimonial Hero


Testimonial Hero is a global video testimonial company that combines authentic and professional video testimonials with a strategic approach to help clients close trust gaps and close more deals, faster.

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The Challenge

Testimonial Hero required a balance of strategy, personalization, and volume in their cold email marketing approach.

Before, Testimonial Hero had tried different strategies to achieve their desired goals. However, striking the right balance between a strategic approach and personalization, while also maintaining a high volume of emails, proved to be a challenge. The team needed a partner who would understand their ideal client profile and deliver results efficiently.

That's when came into the picture.

"The reason that I reached out to was because I saw a unique balance of strategy and personalization as well as volume. And this is very hard to achieve. Cold email is filled with charlatans. is the rare exception."

The Solution started executing cold email campaigns going after companies that fit Testimonial Hero's ideal client profile.

By analyzing Testimonial Hero's current customer base, was able to identify the right companies to target. They then created a strategic approach to reach out to the right decision makers at these companies, ensuring that the messaging was hyper-personalized and always relevant to the recipient.

" to me feels like an extension of our team and a real strategic partner. I feel like I'm not just buying their service. I'm also getting the benefit of the years of expertise that they bring to the table. And frankly, that's why the service works so well. If you've done cold email in the past, but you feel like it's not working like it used to be, I would absolutely recommend talking to them."

The Results's tailored strategy yielded started delivering results almost immediately.

The leads generated were well-aligned with Testimonial Hero's ideal client profile and within the first two months, they were able to generate over $85,000 of pipeline opportunities.

In addition, Testimonial Hero was able to close one deal in the first month of working with

"They have delivered the fast. It's this ROI fastest time to value of any cold email agency we've ever worked with. "

We generate demand using cold email