Swipe Files members use us to generate demand using cold email

You invest $6k/quarter. Sales.co handles everything from sending infrastructure setup to ongoing iterations.

Trusted by 62+ teams ranging from YC startups, Inc. 5000 companies, to award-winning agencies:

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Gerry Galloway

Founder - Foodready

The quality of leads lately are all in our Product Market Fit sweet spot. I am very luck to have you guys helping FoodReady if this momentum keeps up consistently. This is what I was always needing.

Stefan von Imhof

CEO - Alts.co

IO signed. Terrific lead! What’s amazing about this sale is it didn’t even require a meeting. She just saw what she wanted from the media kit, asked very few questions, then BAM. Sold!

Matthew Parkhurst

Co-Founder - Antimetal

A++++ lead. You guys crushed it

Dustin Tysick

VP of Revenue - Testimonial Hero

Looks like they got a $425m post-IPO debt round. Great lead!

Itamar Argaman

Head of Sales - Chargeflow

This is a tremendous lead - Well done! 🚀

Vahan Melkonyan

CEO - Cauldron

...impressive getting 4 leads in 12 hours 🙂

Jeffery Goddard

CEO - TVA Media

Damn good lead! Thank you!

Andreas Munk Holm

Co-founding partner - EU.VC

3 sales came in yesterday 🔥

Andrei Tiburca

Co-founder - Videodeck

One of the leads that you brought with the first outreach campaign that bought a $11k package gave us a shoutout on LinkedIn where he has a big following so it's a lead that keep on giving.

Katelyn Bourgoin

Founder - Why We Buy

Just closed our first sponsor sent via your team!

Harry Wilde

Founder - Cotiss

These have really kept improving over these last few months - thanks for the hard work!

Amir Bazrafshan

Founder - ApricotBox

I feel like I'm buying a commodity with other providers but I'm getting some serious expertise here.

Tessa Thomas

Founder - Pipeline Solutions

You have been awesome iterating on the copy of our emails and really making sure we're getting the results that we're looking for.

Sam Shepler

CEO - Testimonial Hero

Sales.co is executing the most current cold email playbook out there today - we have not got a bad lead from them!